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Februar Süddeutsche Zeitung reports on ESMT's Responsible Leaders Fellowship that allows graduates to volunteer pro-bono in a social impact organization in emerging areas of the world.

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Februar Myriam Rapior, MIMprovides an insight into how she balances her social activism and student life, connecting what she is doing in her role as an activist, dating lower social class what she is learning as a business school student. Februar Handelsblatt interviewed Chengwei Liu on his new book, in which he investigates the role of luck for business and leadership success.

Februar Jörg Rocholl is interviewed by ZDF on the economic impact of the new coronavirus on the economy. Februar ESMT Berlin is offering several executive education scholarships to promote women in leadership positions.

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Applications can be submitted now. Februar The Conversation published an article written by Chengwei Liu that relates to his latest research and new book on luck.

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Februar In episode 5 of CampusChris Demchak and Henning Lahmann speak on cyber security and transnational security strategies, and how so-called wicked actors are reshaping the internet landscape for authoritarian ends.

Januar Bianca Schmitz and Olaf Plötner co-authored an opinion editorial for The European Business Review on software systems in industrial manufacturing.